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Brendan Mangnitz removing raccoons Animal-Pros Blog How do you get rid of Raccoons?

Hi my name is Brendan Mangnitz, I've been in the nuisance Wildlife removal and Animal Control industry now for nearly ten years, and owned my own company now for nearly 8 years. I started off by graduating from the University of South Florida with my Business Management degree and later enrolled myself into the University of Florida's Wildlife Biology & Entomology Program finishing with these degrees in early 2013. Click to see a picture and read my bio at the University of Florida!

Wildlife Control and Animal removal is a very fun and fast paced job, every day is different, challenging, exciting and fun. And boy o boy do I see some Crazy stuff! Over the years my company has grown I started off as an owner operator here in Melbourne Florida but through hard work, dedication, professionalism, and just doing a good job, my company has now grown to be one of the largest wildlife control companies in the country. I'm still out in the field every single day riding with my guys, making sure everything's getting done the right way, auditing, and overall customer service. I fly from Florida to Texas to California, all the time and I see crazy things every single day, and that is why I decided to start a blog, a place where my customers, employees, and people that want to know more about animal control and urban nuisance wildlife can come to learn more about.

Customers ask me all the time about the stories and the animals that I see on a daily basis. So what I am going to do Is create a blog about all the really cool, neat, interesting, and bizarre stories I encounter on the daily. These blogs will range from actual issues that customers call me about, some off the wall calls I get! Its insane when you think of how well animals have adapted to our urban environment and began to thrive. Ill also talk about some of the interesting and hard jobs I have done, and go over facts, biology, and how I was able to remove the animal.